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There is nothing like cruising through the waters, beneath a brilliant summer sun, listening to music and hanging out with your friends and family as your boat cuts through the waves. The thing is, unless you have the proper marine audio, you might be missing out big time on what kind of experience you could be having with your boat stereo system.

Boat stereo systems, and marine stereo packages in general, are built a little bit differently than your typical stereo system you might find in your car or the ones you have set up in your house. The big difference is that these speakers have to be waterproof. There is no question about it. A boat riding through the waves, whether lake or ocean, or through rain or sun, needs to have speakers that are hardy and can resist water damage 100% of the time. Sometimes, this built in water resistance that marine speakers employ, can cause a bit of a trade off with the sound quality.

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It seems like it should be easy to find the best waterproof speaker box, but that is not exactly the case. Manufacturers will often give you measurements for the speakers, but these measurements will often vary as every installation is a bit different. Because of this, it might be worthwhile to save yourself the frustration and instead fill out our form here.

We actually measure every customer’s boat before recommending the best marine speakers we can. When we do recommend systems for our customers, it is because they genuinely are the best audio boat speakers around for their specific boat in particular. Instead of selling a one size fits all solution, we personalize the experience for every boat owner.

If you are thinking, “Well, my boat is way too big to bring down to the Murfreesboro shop!

No worries. You can give us a call, tell us the situation, and we will come down to the dock specifically to check out your boat to see what kind of audio setup would best fit your situation. You can give us a call here if you’d like.

Along with sizing issues, you will want to get educated on what kind of quality systems are out there. Most people will say they want the best high quality marine speakers their money can buy, but this is not always a real requirement. Sometimes speakers of lesser quality might actually be the perfect match for your system, or just a different kind of audio setup since every situation is unique and really depends on what you plan on using these speakers for during your boating excursions.

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Here are some common audio speakers components we deal with:


Marine audio in murfreesboro

Dual Cone

Murfreesboro dual cone marine boat speaker


marine component speakers


Marine subwoofer
Each of these are different kinds of systems that serve different purposes. If this sounds confusing to you, do not worry, that is exactly why we are here. We do this for a living and love the technical set up. If you want to dive deep into any of these options to see if they make at all sense for your boat, just give us a call or fill out our form here.

Each of these options can be dove into deep with personalized customization to fit your specific boat’s installations and aesthetic needs (and, obviously, the audio needs).

As mentioned at the top of this article though, the best marine speakers have more than just good audio sound quality. They also have a toughness to them that allows them to survive even the most intense boatmanship displays out there on the water.

Here are a few qualities to look for when shopping around for the best boat speakers:

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UV-Resistant Design

The sun gives off powerful radiation and UV lights. Instead of just packing a good amount of sunscreen, you should also be making sure that your boat audio speakers have a good amount of UV resistance themselves. Typically, you will find the UV resistance on the receiver faceplates. In addition, they should appear on the grilles and the speaker cones of the audio system as well.

Water Resistant

This is good if you are planning on creating a bit of a splash or plan on boating in a place where a light rain could happen. Every level of resistance is going to differ based off the manufacturer, so you want to check and compare their level of resistance with what you are planning on doing with your boat.

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Murfreesboro dual cone marine boat speaker

Waterproof Design

A step up from just being water resistant, marine speakers designed with this in mind truly were meant for the ocean. These speakers can handle being fully submerged in water. For hardcore boating enthusiasts or the adrenalin seeking storm chaser, this is a must have option for your speakers if you want them to survive the weather you are likely to face. Remember, just like water resistance, waterproof marine speakers vary with how much they can handle by manufacturer. Make sure to read the fine print for every stereo system before purchasing to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Obviously, if you need help with this, we are there for you – just fill out our form to tell us what you are looking for.


Having audio speakers that can fight off or resist rust is a reassuring thing when you are boating through literal oceans of salt water that causes so many things to corrode and rust. Usually anti-corrosion is done on speakers by applying certain coats to the plated connections and circuit boards. Typically there will also be a rust resistant chassis to help protect the overall sound system too.

chemically resistant marine speakers

Is that a lot of information or what? There is a ton more too that goes into setting everything up perfectly. That is why it is so important (plus it saves a ton of time on your part) to consult the experts when it comes to boat audio and stereo systems. Instead of wasting time scouring the internet for information, why not save yourself the hassle and just fill out our form here or pick up the phone to give us a call?

You can bring your boat by the shop, we will measure it, and ask a few consulting questions to help determine what the perfect system will be for your perfect day out on the boat. Of course, if your boat is too big, no worries. We are all about eliminating frustrations, not adding to them. If your boat is too big to bring to our shop, we will simply go to where the boat is and meet you there to continue the consultation.

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