Top 5 Ways to Maintain your Turntables and Record Players

Turntables are making a come back, especially with the younger crowd. We are emerging from the recent world of compressed music files to a whole new (or returned) world of full dynamic sound, and boy is it great! Turntables are amazing pieces to have in the home, as they produce an amazing difference in sounds compared to an Mp3 file or your songs off of Pandora. One of the most important things to remember regarding turn table is how to maintain them. Here are the top 5 ways to maintain your turntables:

1) Keep Your Records in Good Shape

Damaged records breed more damage, including damage to your needle and the sound. If you are using turntables to produce a better, more dynamic sound, what is the point of using a damaged record, right?

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2) Clean Them

Use a high quality cleaner, like “Discwasher,” to clean your device. The kit will last forever, and it will help maintain the lifespan and quality of your turntables. Try to clean your records every month or so.

3) Keep the Needle Clean

Using a soft brush, like a women’s blush brush, gently clean your needle to keep build up from damaging the sound quality or records.

4) Keep in Climate Controlled Area

First off, use your turntables! If you do not use them as often as you would like, run the device overnight every now and then to keep it from sitting dormant, which can cause damage. Also, keep them in a climate controlled environment. If you are comfortable, so are your turntables. Also it does not cost anything to let them run 24/7, most tables use very little electricity.

5) Take it to a Professional

A good tune-up, like for a car, is great for turntables. Take your turntables over to Audiomasters or a professional near you to make sure everything is in good condition.

Consider Upgrades:

You can upgrade your cartridge and needle to produce even higher quality sound. You would be blown away at the difference between a $40 and $100 cartridge!